British Columbia Tourism Licence BPCPA 29282 California Travel License CST 2132818-40
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M's Travel Account

Users need to register for an account before ordering any of M's Travel’s tours. You can find the login and register button on the top right corner of the website.

Each user must provide a valid email address that the customer commonly uses. Through the email ,M’s Travel will contact the customer about your order and is use to identify each individual customer.

Reservation Processing and Confirmation

After the customer books the tour, we will immediately send an automatically generated confirmation with your reservation information to your registered email address. We will begin to process your order within one business day after your reservation. Once your order has been successfully booked, you will receive an "electronic travel voucher" in your registered email. Be sure to print and carry your "electronic travel documents" while traveling. The voucher will be your tour credentials, which has your tour information and emergency telephone numbers of local tour companies.Also be sure to carry your "electronic travel documents" and valid ID (passport or driver's license, etc.)

If for any reason your order can not be confirmed, we will send the reasons for the failure to your email address. M’s Travel do not charge any additional tour fees outside the itinerary, and are not liable for any damages or losses that you’ve incurred on the tour.

Objective Factors Resulting in Change in Itinerary

In rare circumstances, severe weather, traffic jams, and/or an insufficient number of customers in a tour may cause the tour to be cancelled. We will notify you so that you may order a similar tour in place of the canceled tour. If you do not find a suitable alternative tour, we will refund the full amount of the tour fee, but M's Travel will not bear any other losses other than the tour fare. We advise customers to purchase travel insurance from travel insurance companies to cover all additional losses.

In rare cases, there may be the following changes to the tour schedule:

M's Travel is not liable for any breach of contract as a result of changes outside of our control. Customers will not be refunded due to any of these changes. Any such changes before the departure date will be communicated to customers as soon as we are notified. M's Travel will not be held accountable if the customer has been already given notice of the changes that are made before departure or after departure.

Cancellation or Changes
Cancellation and Refund policy Alteration of Order

Take note that reservation cannot be altered/cancelled after order is confirmation or within seven days prior to tour departure. Only changes in flight schedule and contact information will be accepted.

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